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Q. My skis are slipping:

  • Clean any excess oil on bottom of the skis with a dry cloth. If there is black residue on the bottom of skis, remove it with mineral spirits or paint thinner.
  • Make sure the flywheel is tight on the flywheel axle. Evenly tighten the two nuts located on the flywheel U-bolt clamp to tighten the flywheel on the axle.
  • Check the routing of the dragstrap.
  • Your drive rollers are worn out, replace immediately.
  • Your dragstrap is glazed, replace dragstrap.

Q. Only one ski is slipping:

  • A drive roller has worn out, replace driverollers immediately.

Q. My ski is sticking:

  • Wax the side of the ski that rubs on the wood sideboard with parafin wax.
  • Clean and reverse dragstrap.
  • Clean flywheel grove with fine grit sand paper or steel wool until it is shiny again. If your flywheel grove is solid black, clean with mineral spirits or paint thinner.
  • Replace dragstrap.
  • Replace drive rollers

Q. My idler wheels are squeaking or sticking.

  • Slide the idler wheel to one side. Place two drops of 3in1 oil onto the axle going through the idler wheel. Repeat this process for all four idler wheels.

Q. My arm exerciser assembly makes a chattering or a screeching sound; My arm exerciser knob loosens.

For models: Challenger, Sequoia, Excel, Pro

  • Check the order of the bearing assembly. First is the leather pad, then the cord drum, then a washer, then the bearing, then a washer, then the spring, then the tension knob.

For models: Achiever, Medalist, Elite and Club

  • Check the order of the bearing assembly. First is washer/bearing/washer, then the cam arm and spring, then the pointer, then the leather disc, then the cord drum, then the washer/bearing/washer assembly, then tenson knob.
  • Make sure leather pad is seated in the two pins.
  • Make sure leather pad is lubricated with 3in1 oil.
  • Replace arm exerciser resistance bearing assembly.
  • Rough up leather pad with sandpaper, and lube pad with 3in1 oil.
  • Replace leather pad.

Q. My arm cord is fraying.

  • Replace arm cord.

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