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  One Driveroller
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The driverollers are the two rollers located in the center of the machine near the flywheel.

Fits all wooden style Skiers: Challenger, Sequoia, Excel, Pro, Achiever, Medalist, and Elite.

We include detailed installation instructions and it is simple to install the driverollers. Remove the skis, tip the skier on its side, remove the two #3 phillips screws and the four 1/2 bolts located on the wooden side board, once you remove the side board the driveroller will slide off the flywheel axle, then wipe the flywheel axle off with a paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol, then install the new driveroller so it spins freely forward and locks in the back stroke, then re-install the sideboard and repeat these steps to the other side. Its easier to do one side at a time. NEVER LUBRICATE the driverollers as this could cause the one-way roller clutch bearing inside of them to slip.
The price for a single driveroller is $40.00.

If you have a ICON skier which would have been produced after 1999 then please contact us prior to ordering.
The price for a single driveroller is 40.00.
Weight:1.00 lbs
Price:$ 40.00
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One Driveroller

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