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  Ski Glide Button Set
Free shipping within the USA. All international customers please contact us prior to ordering for a shipping quote.

The glide buttons are located on each side of the ski in the center of it. They are used to prevent wood on wood contact.

Glide buttons will wear down to be flush with the ski and once they are flush you should replace them. You should also coat the sides of the skis with paraffin wax which will provide a lubrication for wood on wood contact. br />
To remove the old glide buttons you will need to use a pick to pick them out. To install them you will need to put one end in first then tap it in at an angle with a hammer you will keep tapping it until you have it all the way in the slot. Then tap it so both ends are even.

The glide buttons will be black in color and are slightly wider than the first generation. The reason for them being wider is for more of a snug fit.

You will receive 4 glide buttons for $13.50
Weight:0.30 lbs
Price:$ 13.50
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